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Yaser Muhamood asked 6 months ago
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Who calls me ON +00000000?
I work in Ajman UAE and live in Sharjah, for the last 7 days I have received 3 calls after midnight  from unknown number +00000000, what scares me is that the person knows my name, for the first two times I didn’t answer but yesterday i decided to answer to my surprise the person called my name, in ARABIC ACCENT HE SAID ” Salam Aleikum (_____MY NAME___). ”  
I got scared and I didn’t answer but he kept calling my name until he hangup without mentioning the reasoning why he called me.
Does anyone know who this might be? 

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Jojo k answered 6 months ago

I received the same call months back but when I saw just eight zeroes on my caller ID  suspected it was scam, you have won this, you have won this. don’t waste your time, nothing to worry about.
those are only scammers 

Joan answered 6 months ago

The first time i  received a call from this number i answered but i heard  an Indian man sounding voice wanted to speak to the owner of my number,  i asked who was calling he said it was my lucky day. i told him find someone else to scam as he kept silent and i requsted to be removed from their call list.  

Flavia answered 6 months ago

I keep receiving these call and there seems to be more than one company using this +000000000 number now days
when i answered the guy said hello and he also called my name but wrongly pronounced, talked about money management but i was not interested, waking me up late in the night with such a number, even a small baby will tell that its a scam. 
What legit company calls after midnight? 

Abhijit Dhoble answered 6 months ago

Please go along with your phone and whichever number you have rcvd called ,please report to concern authority or that area police station, if you dont do that ,that’s culprit will again try to do same things ,before this matters goes big,pls report asap

Church Page answered 6 months ago

Remove your contact number from CVs uploaded online or restrict them for, “only recruiters and employers viewing”. Also remove it from Facebook data.

Zizu Dane answered 6 months ago

Myself I received such a same call with same international digits though not complete during this new year eve midnight hours. It’s true it is happening.

Manfred Anwanda answered 6 months ago

Just call your network provider company and complain about it and they’ll guide you on what to do.

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