Who Is Lucy Gichuhi?

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Admin asked 3 months ago
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Who is Lucy Gichuhi?

I’m A Kenyan Living in Dubai, Of recent I have been seen many social media post about  Lucy Gichuhi?


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Yasin Muhamood Contributor answered 3 months ago

Lucy Gichuh Is referred to as an Accidental Senator.
She is a Kenyan Born Lawyer Lucy Gichuhi, who was sworn into Australian Parliament.
Lucy Gichuhi Immediately told the Senate that she was taking her place in the chamber as an Independent Senator.
Lucy Gichuhi is the new South Australian senator and  Australia’s first black African senator.

She went to Australia with her family in 1999 and found her voice through religion.

Senator Gichuhi replaced Bob Day whose election was ruled invalid.  May black people in
Many black people in Australia have nicked named her the Barack Obama of Australia. Read more about Lucy Gichuhi 

Lucy Gichuh Australia's black African senator


Lucy Gichuhi a Kenyan take oath to join Australian senate

Sentamu Henries answered 3 months ago

Nice lady although many think of selling off their bodies to get quick money immediately they switch to the land of whites. Thank God we still have Godly and understanding African women.

Maurice Mocha answered 3 months ago

True, she is phenomenal! I have met her and she speaks nothing but intelligence and love! African women arise.

Lucy Gichuhi in Kenya


Serex Regn answered 3 months ago

Congs to her, let me hope she isn’t à product of brain Drainage that keeps African laging behind bu eating up the best future products in many Areas.

Keisha Fie Akello answered 3 months ago

She really made me believe this world has more to offer than paying bills and being miserable.

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