Who should pay the costs for medical exam test employment visa In UAE ?

Top QuestionsCategory: JobsWho should pay the costs for medical exam test employment visa In UAE ?
Chi Brences asked 6 months ago
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Who should pay the costs for medical exam needed for employment visa?

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Sadiq Afridi answered 6 months ago

I have no any proof but for sure 90% of companies pay for all the medical expenses. however there some small low-income companies especially Indian owned that charge that to their staff.
Am very positive with my UAE experience that the company is supposed to pay.

Abdulah Latif answered 6 months ago

The company is supposed to pay. 

Raji Khan answered 6 months ago

Company/Employer is supposed to pay. worked in 3 different companies in Dubai. they have always paid my medical.

Aisha answered 6 months ago

I only found out recently that the company is supposed to pay all expense. i even opened a case in Labour.
I have meeting at Labour at March 27 coz I complaint my before company they didn’t give my last last month salary and getting cutting salary for 5 consecutive months and to all employees also…
So I complaint them
Now I know also that even medical and visa need the company to pay…
And also I print my contract copy at tasheel written there we have Residence Allowance and transportation allowance but they didn’t give as well…
I Will fight for my right really 

Muhammad Farhan Arshad answered 6 months ago

@Aisha  Do not try to make any complain in labour office about ur company.first of all u will loose ur job and u will not get anything.becoz company have power and employer dont hav power to appoint a lawyer for the case.so usually employer case are going so long sometime its takes more then one year.better not to make a complain and try to talk wid ur company.and clear that issue in the office only..if they will not pay jus go for other job dont waste ur time to make a complain ..that is useless.

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