Why do UAE companies can keep their employee’s passports?

Top QuestionsCategory: General QuestionWhy do UAE companies can keep their employee’s passports?
Anthony Fernandes asked 6 months ago
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I want to know Why do UAE companies can keep their employee’s passports?
Is it compulsory and what if the employees are not ready to do so?

Please, can anyone help me out in this?

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Shan Afridi answered 6 months ago

It’s illegal to keep the passport of the employee.

You have rights to complain.

Jack answered 6 months ago

Actually it is illegal but still, there’s a lot of employer/company’s get employees passport for their own safeness!! But it’s that defend between employer to employees.

Sharon Detro answered 6 months ago

It’s wrong and big organizations or company don’t hold their employee’s passports. 
I work for one of the leading Rent A car company worldwide and in UAE as well but they forcefully keep our passports, we have to get different approvals in case one wants to his or her passport.
For example, if you come from a vacation and you delay to return your passport on, first you get all these calls from HR giving all kind of warnings and the second step is to hold your salary until you return the passport.
Recently they hired a south African national as a Brand manager but because of this issue he resigned immediately because he couldn’t see the reason why someone would keep his passport as if he was in prison, to my surprise they let him go, that explains how serious it is.
I guess for this to stop it has to be a public declaration from the government. 

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