Why Uganda Police arrested Dr. Kizza Besigye was Arrested in Isingiro district?

Top QuestionsCategory: NewsWhy Uganda Police arrested Dr. Kizza Besigye was Arrested in Isingiro district?
David Makanga asked 3 months ago
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Dr. Kizza Besigye Arrested by Uganda Police

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Nak Mic answered 3 months ago

Besigye is very idle these days and has been missing media lime light. So he is up to it again, i gues that is the reason he hoods knowing he is going for confrontational war.He alerts media for a show up and Ingrid records the fracas for later viewing when they relax in the hotel…it is stage managed.

HaNks D BaNks answered 3 months ago

Do those goons know that they are mishandling the true president of Uganda. When will this stop. Why don’t those goons give respect to the Ugandan president Is sensitizing people about their land a case. Why dont they arrest politicians who lie to our country and kill Ugandans in the name of calling them selves presidents

Khissa Richard answered 3 months ago

Those policemen they are the ones who are suffering with low pay and they are their harassing someone who can change their wel being. Vry sily policemens

Ika Jose answered 3 months ago

Prison to Besigye is a life vaccine that if he’s not got it he searches for it everywhere like a Muganda searching for grasshoppers. The gospel of land sensitisation as he claims may lead to his downfall and eventual collapse in books of politics

Ocen Steven answered 3 months ago

Am praying Besigye should rule uganda and we see were this idiots will go,NRM police will one day cry like small babies.

Ogwal Moses answered 3 months ago

So Painful The Way How They Arested My President , But One Day M7 Wil Pay More Than That Cause Our God Is Great

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