Will i be deported If my pregnancy test shows positive after Dubai medical fitness test for Residence visa ?

Top QuestionsCategory: JobsWill i be deported If my pregnancy test shows positive after Dubai medical fitness test for Residence visa ?
Nkatha Grace asked 7 months ago
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Two Months back I went to Dubai to look for a Job and I was lucky enough to find one but after I signed the offer letter the company recommended me to exit the country so that they could process my employment visa. Since I had a return ticket I decided to go back home In Kenya while I  wait for my visa.
Unfortunately, I waited and waited as I sent numerous emails to the company for an update but the HR never replied, now after 2 months, I received an email with an attachment of my employment visa. the HR explained that the visa was delayed because the company had a case with labour so they couldn’t issue any new visa.
The problem is am now 1 months pregnant. if I travel to Dubai and the pregnant test shows up positive what will happen?


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Usma Othiman answered 7 months ago

Hi, Grace, Congrats on your pregnancy.  The first question I have for you before my take on this. Are You Married? IF YES ! then no problem with the UAE Law the only worry should be with your new company.
Am not sure which company or what is the exact job you employed for, however, I have some experience with the domestic worker, since I have been working for a maid labour recruitment agency in Ajman for the last 5 years.
With my little knowledge and experience,  I know that the UAE law mandates pregnancy tests for maids, female drivers, and babysitters. your sponsor or company is given the choice of whether or not to continue with visa application if the employee is pregnant. If the sponsor agrees to employ the employee in such a case, the sponsor will have to issue a written consent with his acknowledgment of the test result. In cases of illegal pregnancies, UAE Law considers such pregnancies as crime, and this can really cause you more trouble and legal problems.
What I can assure you is that the pregnancy test will have to done before the other mandatory tests like Chest X-ray, Tuberculosis. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, HIV / Aids, Syphilis and Leprosy.
You do not consider this as the last advice. you can directly check with your employer. they will have the best solution for you. Good Luck.

Admin answered 7 months ago

Hi Grace, I believe your question is now answered, I will close it now.

I wish you all the best and Congrats on your pregnancy.

You will get the best answer from the Human resource personnel of your new company.