Will I have a ban if I change Dubai company as been threatened by my Boss?

Top QuestionsCategory: JobsWill I have a ban if I change Dubai company as been threatened by my Boss?
Moses Ebi asked 7 months ago
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Please my contract is unlimited I’ve worked for 1yr and 4months now I want to change company. Will I have a ban if I change company as been threatened by my Boss?and will I have to pay anything to my current company


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Faisal answered 7 months ago

If the contract is terminated by the employee for reasons, the employee will be liable to compensate the employer against any loss resulting from the termination. The amount of compensation payable is calculated on the basis of the employee’s salary for one month and a half or the salary payable for the remaining period of the contract, whichever is less, unless the contract states otherwise.

Michael Umunnah answered 7 months ago

U won’t get any ban. Just write ur resignation ND submit to d company\’s HR ND make sure it is stamped by d HR. For reference purpose. ND work for one month it is called notice period.
There is no ban.u can change company

Jana Aradhan answered 7 months ago

You need to just serve your notice period as per u r employment agreement…. No ban in unlimited contract after 6 months of service… No need to pay anything to the employer … You will get leave salary.,, and salary till last date of service, gratuity, exit ticket.. ….

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