What does "Worker of fourth/fifth skill level" means on a Job offer?

Top QuestionsCategory: JobsWhat does "Worker of fourth/fifth skill level" means on a Job offer?
Marky Sahagun asked 6 months ago
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What does “Worker of fourth/fifth skill level” means on a Job offer as per the UAE LABOUR LAW

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Kris Tan-tan Pradez answered 6 months ago

Unskilled, lowest job visa. It is also the cheapest for employer to buy. But that doesn’t mean lo-life. My bus got me same visa, even if I’m working as an engineer, because that is the fastest get that visa, but I feel he just save them. Because Visa that I can visa on arrival tour in Qatar.

Michael Bryan Canlas answered 6 months ago

These are qualified people or individuals who have a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualifications, like post graduates, masters or even PHP. in short,  professionals. As per the new
To be more specaific these are professionals.  The new labour law resolution 765, employees belonging to this profession, will not face labour ban when changing the job provided they have served the notice period as set out in their labor contract.

SahuNaz answered 3 months ago

Please refer following link for different skill levels.

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