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Hilarious Robert Mugabe Sayings Of All Time

Posted by | May 5, 2017 | Robert Mugabe Quotes

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Robert Mugabe sayings

Robert Mugabe all new sayings

 Hilarious Robert Mugabe Sayings Of All Time 

“If You Want To Hear The Truth About Yourself Offend Your Neighbour.”

“She’s only with you cause you have money. Act broke and see if she will stay.”

“He who eats another Man’s food will have his own food eaten by the others. Stop sleeping with someone else’s woman.”

“When your wife keeps her head on your chest and slowly asks. Dear do have any women in your life other than me ?Remember your answer is not important at this time Important is your heartbeat. Keep your heart beat in control. So be careful.”

“People refer to our planet as mother earth, but not even the most adventurous of miners has seen “her” genitalia.”

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It’s only in Nigerian movies where someone is
shot in the head 3 times And shouts…
“Heey!! Ewooo You Have Killed Me oohh!! “

“A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.”

Robert Mugabe Sayings : A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.

“Stop calling your spouses cheap things like, honey, chocolate, sweet, sugar. It makes them look cheap some of these things cost R5. Start calling em names like my bag of Rice, my Iphone, my RangeRover, my gallon of petrol, my bag of cement, my designer jeans/shoes etc.lets value our spouses.”

“You Know You Are Broke When, Whenever You Want To Make A Call You Check Your Airtime Balance.”

“Witchcraft is when you send your son overseas to study medicine and he comes back as a DJ”

Robert Mugabe sayings on witchcraft


Latest Robert Mugabe sayings 

“You treat your girl like crap, then she meets someone who treats her like a Queen, They start seeing each other and you have the guts to call this cheating…My brother you are an Enemy of progress.”

“My sister just because a guy is flirting with you doesn’t mean you’re pretty.When you’re hungry even cabbage is delicious.”

“My sister; Sometimes when you go for a sleep over at your boyfriend’s house and when its sleep time he puts his arms and legs around you and you think he is trying to cuddle and be romantic; My sister, he is just making sure you don’t steal”

Robert mugabe 2017 sayings

“If you’re watching a movie…then its written 35years later and the dog in the Yard is still alive… Just know its Nigerian movie.”

“Only black people will get mad at you for not inviting them to your surprise party.”

“Some of you ladies buy $100 lipstick for lips that can’t pronounce Huawei?”

“The world is full of boyfriends, few have the husband material in them….
be Wise young lady.”

“These days saying ‘I have a boyfriend’ doesn’t work,my daughter you gotta tell these boys you have AIDS.”

“Stay away from people who have disabled the blue tick on WhatsApp.”

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