Can you find out if your Girlfriend Is cheating by sniffing her Panties?

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“He would even smell my panties sometimes just to confirm that I was not cheating on him since Mark was out of the country.”

My name is Brenda I am worried my relationship with Mark could get destroyed and yet I have learned a big lesson.
Mark and I have known each other for the last 6 years and after he had got a job out of the country he asked me to move into his house which I did.

I see Mark rarely since he has a very demanding job this got me worried since I also wanted to have a normal relationship like most of my friends who get to meet their partners often Mark and I have never got into any quarrel he is so caring plus the little time we spend together is usually very sweet.

Then I meet another guy called Sam he promised me heaven on earth I told him that I had a guy but he was away and I wanted a serious relationship Sam immediately after a few months went and visited my Aunt to set the introduction dates I asked Sam to give me some more time so that I get to know him better which he agreed.We started dating secretly but he later started acting really weird he was too possessive he would even smell my panties sometimes just to confirm that I was not cheating on him since Mark was out of the country.
Now the panty smelling got to me and I decided to call off the relationship learned my lesson and decided to be patient with Mark.
Sam was so bitter so we went into and agreement that I pay back all the money he spent on I introduced him to my Aunty which he took and now he has started sending me messages asking for sex in order to forgive me you know I had asked him to be patient with me until the introduction was finished.

I know what I did was not right but I need this guy off my back can he really spill the beans or is he just threatening me?
Surely what should I do?


Advice: Can you find out if your Girlfriend Is Cheating by sniffing her Panties?

“Brenda! you are’nt fair. You have told us Mark is so caring, loving and sweet. You did not have to rush into another relationship with a new catch who promised you heaven and earth. Such kind of men (Sam) who rush into conclusion are never trusted. Kindly please I advise you to end his relationship and wait for your darling and caring man Mark. You can still spice up your distant relationship with Mark by frequently communicating and sharing your feelings with him as you wait for him. Sam will not do for you in future as he will just use and dump you after. Try as much as you can to cut him off from any means of him communicating to you.” – Modest Lutaaya



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