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Compilation OF Tamale Mirundi Quotes

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Tamale Mirundi is a presidential adviser on media affairs. His unapologetic and one of the most controversial men in Uganda. Most of the Quotes below are collected from his Tuesday Popular Morning Tv Program ” NBS Extra – One on One with Tamale Mirundi.”

Tamale Mirundi

Compilation OF Tamale Mirundi Quotes

“The mafia group in government wrongly believes that all the money in Uganda belongs to them”

“Museveni’s government is like a bar. If you find a drunkard in the bar know that he also found the beer there. What made him drunk is what you also came for”

“It takes 25 years to produce a catholic priest, the barokole just read a paragraph in the Bible and go on the street to preach, that’s why they are not respected”

“When I was in S3 our female literature teacher told us to write an imaginary story. I decided to write a love letter to her. When the Headmaster found out he told me I will make a good journalist in future. That’s how I ended up picking interest in journalism.”

“When I was in P7 I never wrote “Never Forget” because what I did they still remember me”

“The president has an old vehicle but he keeps putting in new parts, the old parts will spoil the new ones”

“I’m a fighter, very brave and when my head has nothing to fight against it doesn’t settle”

“Baganda who say Kabaka Baffe. If your son comes and tells you that Daddy, Baffe has come, does that mean you are a homosexaul?”

“If you don’t respect those who have delivered committed service to you, you end up with mercenaries”

Tamale Mirundi Quotes – “Jesus was a Jew but how many Popes were Jews?”

Tamale Mirundi Quotes

“Credibility is like virginity. Once you get married you are finished” Tamale Mirundi Quotes

“Don’t invoke God in simple matters when he gave you a brain to deal with them”

“A man who knows Karate is more dangerous than one who is holding a pistol, My political rival came with two girls with pistols, I slapped one of them her pistol fell there, I picked it and gave it back to her and I walked away”

“The person who wrote the headline “A Munyakole tycoon kills an Acholi” needs to be arrested” A criminal is a criminal and the moment you tribalise it you are creating a real problem”

“Me I’m not a violent man and I’ve never beaten my children. One day my children scratched a neighbors car and I threatened to beat them, they had to take them to hospital due to shock”

“The golf club people are the ones stealing land in this city, how come their land never gets grabbed?”

“The most organised group in this country are the Bakiga”

“What you don’t know about Mbabazi is this – A none state actor acts like Al Qaeda. There is no one who can steal Mababzi’s money and gets away with it, In fact there is no one who has ever eaten his money that is not in trouble now”

“One who steals a phone doesn’t delay to leave because the phone might ring and they catch him, Mayiga too long while collecting etafali” The Baganda say that ‘Tunga ko zewavubye ogenda ng’enyanja tenatabuka.”

“Amin is very popular because he was a no nonsense. No one could rob this country and survive but today when you catch a thief he just laughs because he knows he will be taken to court, he buys lawyers and comes out.”

“These are not medals. A medal without a citation is not a medal, a medal is like a degree, not everyone deserves it. If you give me that medal I throw it in the toilet.”

“A butchery selling pork in a village also benefits the Muslims because it acts as a deterrent to the ones selling beef from becoming monopolies hiking their prices.”

Tamale Mirundi Quotes – “You can not accuse a man who has not eaten food for stealing toilet paper.”

Tamale Mirundi Quotes on politics

“Other people are going to the moon, you are praising yourselves because of ‘rolex?” – Tamale Mirundi Quotes

“Kenya which won 7 Olympic medals has disbanded its Olympic committee. Uganda which won nothing we are not even talking about it. Even the minister came back and said we did well.”

“Other people are going to the moon, you are praising yourselves because of ‘rolex?”

“Mbabazi is not quiet, he is planning and he will launch a political party in 2019 or 2020 and If Museveni doesn’t solve the problems between these young arrogant people who have money and the old ones, NRM will split”

“If they attempt to remove age limit they will trigger unprecedented riots”

“Credibility is like virginity. Once you get married you are finished”

“Let no one deceive you. No one is unwilling to vacate their land. The only problem is that government doesn’t want to compassionate adequately”

“A notorious thief in a village can not advise us which type of padlock we should buy”

“Our ministers are not confident enough to make decisions, even if you take them to Kyankwanzi and do what you are just wasting time”

“People claim I am stupid. Did we sit the stupid exams together for you to establish that?”

“If you get saved at a young age without stealing anything when will you ever get rich, People should only get saved at the age of 70?”

“A man told his friend that “you are talking rubbish” the other one answered that “it’s because you are a rubbish bin”

Tamale Mirundi Quotes – “A bouncer never argues because he is empowered”

Tamale Mirundi Quotes on Stupidity

“People claim I am stupid. Did we sit the stupid exams together for you to establish that?” – Tamale Mirundi Quotes


“When you are praised for being a good cook it doesn’t mean you go ahead and cook pork for Muslims”

“Besigye came when he was as small as a pimple, he has now become an elephant and if they are not careful he will turn in a cancer which they will fail to manage”

“The moment you become commited to NRM you are likely to be humilaited”

“When Police was told to offer me protection, they brought a policeman who was protecting at the zoo”

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