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You’re welcome to share job openings, but it’s not allowed to ask any fee or scam people.

We reserve the right to remove those posts and ban you from future Posting on this website.

NOTE: All jobs posted directly  by admin are sent to me through emails,  I only post ;  I’m  NOT a recruiter and NOT employer, so you have to apply directly to the contact details given in the Job Posting. Comments are also NOT read by the employers unless it’s posted directly by the employers through Post a job Page.
We will not allow posting of any commercial advertising. Offensive or discriminating language will be removed and the person banned from using this website. We have zero tolerance for harassment, sexual and/or otherwise.

  • Posts that will be deleted without now notice: Check below.1. Post that are SEX RELATED POSTS/ comments/photos.
  • 1. Post/ comment/ message that will create conflict.
    2. Photo/s that will discriminate/ degrade other person.
    3. Photos of fruits or any shape that are “SEXUALLY EXPLICIT”.
    4. Post that encourage anyone to take cigarette, alcohol or any prohibited drugs. And any photos of cigarette, alcohol and any prohibited drugs.
    5. Bad words/foul words.
    6. Ads that contain names and photos of individuals who are being negatively attacked – thus degrading the person’s worth and dignity..
    7. Debate about Religion. Let us respect one’s Religion.
    8.Bad words/foul words are not allowed. Personal attack is not allowed.

2- Rules of Community page Posting ( Question and Answers ) Disclaimer 

Kindly read before asking or posting.
Note that this page was created by a normal employee like you not a lawyer or legal adviser, this page has been created by Yasin Muhamood for the purpose of sharing / exchanging certain matters on UAE labour law and also other services for general knolwge which is totally free. As an employee/Resident, we need to know our rights and how we are protected under the UAE law. The information presented by us or any other member is based purely on research basis and that the information made available on the page/ Site should not be construed as legal advice. Under no circumstances, shall the creator of the page/Site or any other member exchanging information be responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability or damages of any kind resulting from the use of or the inability to use the information provided on this page. It is advisable to visit the MOL office/ Tasheel centers and other respective offices to seek professional help as per the circumstances of the case.

Kindly report  to free@uaebusinesspage.com if there are people asking for any fee which is prohibited under UAE Law. Those persons will be banned, all their Postings Removed and Blocked from Future Posting.

Please Comment on the specific Job posting, if any Employers are asking for money.


































































































































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