When Is the Right Time to Meet Your Girlfriend’s Parents

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My name is Thomas. In 2014 I met an amazing young lady called Annabella. I tried to approach her but she didn’t appreciate me so I let her be for some time. But my heart kept beating for her and I tried again and again until she slowly started to respond. I have now been dating Annabella for three years. I love her so deeply and everything I do I do it for her. I go into this tough city and hustle hard so that I can give her everything she wants. I really want her as happy as she could be. Well, she is also employed but I never really want to poke my nose into her money.

Over the time she has been living with me and I keep making a promise to marry her and I mean it I would really love her to be my wife.
What seems to puzzle me about Annabella is that she never wants me to meet any of her relatives. Well, she has shown me pictures of her brothers and one sister. But I have never seen one of her mother or dad and yet she says they are there in Sembabule. She says they don’t like anyone taking pictures of them whether with camera or phone.
That too I don’t understand!

But I have begged her, for now, three years to let me meet either her brothers or her sister or all but she has always found excuses.
Another thing is that she is not jealous at all. She can see another good looking chick and she starts suggesting to me that I if I cheated on her with such a girl she would never complain. At times she wants to connect me to other chicks.
Does she really love me?
What could be the cause of this really?
Is Annabella real or she is up to some game?

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Meet Your Girlfriend's Parents



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